London – First days in a new city and country

The Trip

Before the Plane
Me, just before my flight to London. My mom made sure that I took some pictures for posterity.
I almost finished The Hobbit. I took the red-eye from Edmonton, so that I would arrive in London in the evening.

Some of the highlights were the stopover in Toronto, and talking to the person beside me on the flight from TO to London. In TO I met up with my pledge brother Mike Lawton. He got up pretty early to see me and it was great to see him. The person beside me was a nurse who moved to TO from London, and she was visiting her family. The in-flight movie was Rush Hour 2, but I was to the far left of the large screen and the little side TV was far enough away so that I could barely make it out.

When I got to Heathrow around 10pm local time, it took me a while to find the Underground, and then I had a 90 min ride to Upney (the tube station closest to where I live.) There I met Sandy, and we had to drag my luggage to the flat, normally a 5 min walk; it took us half an hour!

Before the Plane Loaded up
…Now with my luggage (over 160lbs!) The flight was pretty dull.

My First Flat

My first flat was in Barking, Essex close to Upney station. The building was new, having been built over a torn down hospital site. The flat was clean, but as it was a two bedroom flat and I had two flatmates. I was living in the common room.

Some of the memorable things about the flat. First off it was small. Of course, after living in London for a while now I now realize that it was actually quite spacious. The little washer/dryer couldn’t dry clothes, but since I moved out I have only had washers so I have been air-drying my cloths. Finally, the vacuum was small, noisy, it stunk and it didn’t pick up dirt!

My first Room
My new flat.
My first Bed
It’s in the living room.
The Flatmates, Charlie and Sandy.

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