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Miscellaneous Pictures

When my friend Mike came and visited me I showed him around Westminster and we ended up on the Millennium Bridge after going on a tour of Vinopolis. Vinopolis is a great place to visit if you like wine. Anyways, the picture that was taken of Mike and I looked pretty good (with the London Bridge in the background) so here it is.

After Charlie and I visited Richmond Park (see sites), we decided to stop by Kensington Palace. This place is a little disappointing, the park around it is mediocre, and there isn’t much to do. It started to rain so we walked around for a while, saw the Princess Diana Memorial children’s park, which was pretty neat, and then went our separate ways.

Also, some pictures of my mom around various London attractions

Mike and I on Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge
Me in front of Kensington Palace
Me in front of Kensington Palace
Millennium Bridge - Tate Side
Millennium Bridge – Tate Side. With at great view of St. Paul’s
Mom and London Bridge
Mom with London Bridge in the background
I also have added some other pictures that don’t fit anywhere else.
London Eye
A picture of the London Eye from Westminster Bridge
Albert Memorial
The Albert Memorial, which is in front of the Royal Albert Hall
Changing of the Guards at Buckinham Palace
Changing of the Guards at Buckinham Palace
Buckinham Palace - Dan & Me
Buckinham Palace – Dan & Me
Dan at Leicester Square
Dan at Leicester Square
St James's Park - Dan
St James’s Park – Dan

Canada Day (2003)

Canada Day This year was great. As per usual, I started out at the Canadian High Commission to meet some friends and drink free beer.

The gratis beverages disappeared rather fast this year so after only about an hour I was off with Roo to Maiden lane, the location of the Maple leaf. This year they closed off the entire street to accommodate the festivities, and although it started off slow, the crowd was quite large in the evening. I spent most of the time hovering around the crowd and saying hi to various friends.

Overall it was a great afternoon and I had an excellent time.

A pic of the Crowd
The Crowd at Madien Lane
Group pic 1 Group pic 2
Group pic 3 Group pic 4
Group pic 5 Group pic 6
The Maple Leaf
Site of the activities, the Maple Leaf

Chinese New Years (2002)

On Sunday, February 17, Charlie, Sandy and I decided to take in the Chinese New Years celebrations. We started out a Trafalgar square at about 2pm (Charlie and I had stumbled into the flat at 3-3:30am that morning.) For once, there were more people than pigeons! We really couldn’t see much, so we decided to walk to Leicester Square and walk through Chinatown. There were a lot of people there. It took us 30min to walk fifty feet! We saw some dragons and some fireworks, and we just walked around and watched the crowd. The Group
The group
One of the Dragons
One of the Dragons
The Crowd
Picture of the Crowd

Canadian Gold Medal Match (2002)

What a Game!!! The group went to The Sport’s Café, and the place was packed with Canadians! We ended up in the private viewing room for Network Canada, which gave us excellent seats. I would say there were over 200 Canadians in the bar, in fact almost everyone was cheering for Canada. 90% of the bar was wearing Canadian attire, it was just like being at home. I didn’t see a single American, but I ‘m sure there were a few. They don’t tend to advertise their nationality . The Group
The Group
Ken and Clare
Ken and Clare
Third Goal
After the third goal

St. Patrick’s Day (2002)

My Kodak Moment, a girl reaching out for the balloons
My Kodak Moment, a girl reaching out for the balloons
Sandy and I decided to check out the festivities at Trafalgar Square. We were probably one of the last people let into the area, because it was packed. The MC said that there were around 50 000 people!

There was a bunch of Irish music and dancing, including Celtic Feet and the Dubliners. It took us about 2 hours, but we eventually worked our way into the center of the crowd, about three rows from the front. What a great time!

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