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Canada Day

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Canada Day 001Canada Cruze 2012 099

Canada Cruze 2012 090Canada Cruze 2012 088
Canada Cruze 2012 082Canada Cruze 2012 055

Canada Cruze 2012 078Canada Cruze 2012 070

Canada Cruze 2012 050Canada Cruze 2012 046

Canada Cruze 2012 060Canada Cruze 2012 054

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Canada Day London

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Last week was Canada Day, and I spent it in Trafalgar Square with my camera doing some event Photography. It was quite a long day (10am to about 2am), it was very hot and sunny (over 30 degrees and no shade) and my feet were killing me at the end. I probably was carrying too much kit (monopod, 1D, 30D, a flash plus 3 lenses and other bits and bobs).

The event was very well run, with Network Canada supplying the volunteers and Rainmaker event managing. Given the fact that it was pulled together at the last moment, it was spectacular.

Enough talk, now onto some photos:

Trafalgar Square:
Canada Day 2009 1D 026 copy

Alexandria Beck:
Canada Day 2009 30D  008 copy

Canada Day 2009 1D 109 copy

Some Hockey on the square:
Canada Day 2009 30D  020 copy

Other pics:
Canada Day 2009 1D 280 copy

Canada Day 2009 1D 276 copy

You can find more photos here:

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